The Crystal Spring Water Beverage Company provides bottled spring water cooler delivery and rentals to your home or office. We provide services in the north shore, north of boston, massachusetts. We have The best natural spring water with a crystal clear taste.
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Water Cooler Rentals


Puts refreshingly cold drinking water, piping hot water for coffee, tea, soups, and a small refrigerator at your fingertips. The 1.2 cubic foot refrigerated compartment keeps beverages and food chilled and freezes two trays of ice cubes. Also available without hot water feature.

$15.00 per month rental

Serves up to 45 cups of piping hot water and one gallon of cold drinking water per hour. It's ideal for offices, shops or factories to prepare hot beverages and soups, instantly and enough cold water to keep everyone refreshed.

$10.00 per month rental

This compact cooler occupies only one square foot of floor space and is just 38 1/2 inches high (add 15 inches for bottle height). Recessed area on cabinet front keeps faucet and drip receptor out of harm's way. (Shown in oprtional color, almond).

$9.00 per month rental

Bottled water coolers need no plumbing...go anywhere there's a standard electrical outlet.